Wolf Rock, MD

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Wolf Rock is located in the Concoctin Mountain Forest National Park in Frederick County, Maryland. The Rock is a small outcrop of Weaverton Quartzite. The top surface is deeply fissured creating several opportunities to practice chimney techniques. These fissures tend to open up to the east and pinch off to the west. The best climbing wall is on the west with several crack features created by the fissures. There is a lot of face climbing and a couple of small overhangs. The climbs are all less than 35 feet. Anchors are mostly pro as trees find it hard to get a purchase. When climbing, be sure to keep an eye out and give a wide berth to the local residents. The timber rattlesnake may be easy tempered but they can bite as can the copperhead snakes. Remember they are both protected species and you are a guest in their home. Note that since this is under the National Park service, several regulations are imposed on climbers. Some of them are; You must check in and out at the Park Office. You must obtain a permit to climb from the Park Office. Climbers,when checking in, must also show the equipment they will use including helmets and harnesses. Climbers must check out by 5:00 PM at the park office. Permits are available 7 days in advance. No more than 25 climbers total allowed. Climbing is not permitted in October. Climbing is not permitted on Cathedral Rock. All these regulations are imposed on the climbers but Typical Tourists are free to scramble all over the rocks at any time. These regulations were designed for places like Yosemite according to one of the rangers that help to draft the regulations. That particular ranger feels that it is ludicrous to impose them here.

For a more detailed description of all the climbing adventures available refer to Climb Maryland! by Mark "Indy" Kochte, (ISBN 0-9663431-3-1). Climb Maryland!

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