Rocks State Park

King and Queens Seat

Discription: Super convenient and very busy. This rock is gneiss with quartz inclusions. Climbs range from 5.0 to 5.10b. This area is popular with climbers and also with typical tourists. This means protect your anchors with bight colors, where a brain bucket for those falling cameras, water bottles, back packs, etc.. This area is divided into two sections by Deer Creek. The north side is OFF LIMITS, forget it. The south side is the one to climb. Both sides and the prowl of this section have many named and graded routes. Climbing anchors, as a general rule, require artificial protection. A standard rack and several 25 foot long pieces of webbing There are a few rules imposed on climbers. Here are the important ones; No climbing on the north side of Deer Creek. Organized groups must preregister. Bolting and use of pitons are prohibited.

See "Climb Maryland!" by Mark "Indy" Kochte, (ISBN 0-9663431-3-1). Climb Maryland!

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