Prettyboy Reservior is a 1600 acre lake with a surrounding watershed buffer of 2100 acres. There are several maintained fire trails and a number of hiking trails that link the fire trails together on the south shore. The north shore has a few hiking trails mostly being fire trails There is no complete north shore trail. Thus there is a lot of bushwacking. Typically this involves the use of deer trails and sometimes rabbit trails. These are the pictures from these ramblings. You will see what catches my eye, sometimes insteresting and sometimes disgusting. I am amazed that an empty six pack is too heavy to carry out while a full six pack is light enough to carry in. Now I have to ask which is worse for the environment; a glass bottle or a plastic bottle? a steel beer can or an aluminum can? how long will a mylar balloon last? a folding chair or a deer stand nailed to a tree? If you know what any of the un-named flowers are send me an email. I ramble her, just view the pics.
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Pictures are in no particulare order, nor are the subjects accurately named, someday maybe.

Points to remember when rambling.

Trails only lead to places already discovered.
The worst weather days are best when enjoyed outside.

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Pileated Woodpecker holes Frog Hollow eagle Gunpowder River in the Hemlock Gorge Mistery Ring at Hemlock Gorge Noxious exotic Bittersweet
cool twisted banded rock natural rock wall Rockdale Mill Rd stone work Cut leaf Toothwort Walker Run in Hemlock Gorge
Frozen Hemlock Gorge swirled root grain Light Through Bark Hidden Gunpowder River woodpecker restaurant tree
Maple Tree Blossom Rock Outcrop Below Dam Some White Flower TBD Distressed Birch Burls My new little friend a Garter Snake
Yellow Star Grass Yellow Star Grass Don't eat this Amanita Star Flowered Chickweed small orange cup fungis
is this Hepatica or is this Hepatica or is this Hepatica or is this Hepatica Winter Green Buds
Rattle Snake Weed Hickory Bloom Hickory Bloom Closeup some other yellow flower Huckle_berries_I_think
Mountain Laurel Blossom Mountain Laurel Blossom Mountain Laurel Blossom Fleabane Aster Fleabane Aster opening up
Chipmunk caught too far from home Another little friend, Black Rat Snake Spicebush Swallowtail (Pterourus troilus) cool fern cool fern spore frond
Arrow Wood Viburnum blossoms Gensing with berries purple flower moth Spicebush, maybe
tiny flower and burr American Chestnut Katkins American Chestnut Katkins small white flower germanium looking plant
White Yarrow Wintergreen with buds cluster of small yellow flowers small white flowered plant close up of small white flowered plant
Deptford Pink aka Grass Pink Venus Looking glass Venus Looking glass Oxeye Daisy and wasp Ramps, yum yum