Gunpowder State Park is a buffer of woodlands along the Gunpowder Falls River. The park extends from Big Falls Rd to Prettyboy Reservior. It is hard to tell where the two meet with out knowledge of the boundary markers. It is often difficult to tell where the boundaries between the park and the adjoining land owners are. There are several hiking trails available for the casual walker if they do not mind a few hills. The trails tend to follow the river except where the hills create an unstable slope that would erode quikly. Use only marked trails. Fisherman have create a set of thrails that may be closer to the river but are less stable and prone to erosion. There is no complete north shore trail. Thus there is a single bushwack required but others may be enjoyed. Just be carefull not to trespass. This section of the Gunpowder River has been developed into a premier trout fishery. The best section is catch and release with browns, rainbows and the native beauty, brook trout available. The unfortunate problem with popularity is the onslaught of contamination. First we had to deal with zebra mussels, then whirling desease. The latest serious threat to the health of the river and surrounding streams is Rock Snot or Dydimo. Much information can be found on the web dealing with these threats. Please take them seriously and always decontaminate. Remember to start up stream and move down stream when fishing. Never risk moving contaminates upstream. These are the pictures from these ramblings. You will see what catches my eye, sometimes insteresting and sometimes disgusting.
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Clock works on tree stump or time Cardinal Flower Hollow Stump Un-named stream on the North side Un-named stream on the North side
See Climb Maryland for Raven Rock routes Shiva the Destroyer Cool shelf mushroom Viburnum 1938 Studebaker Dictator Coupe
In 2006 I organized a tire clean up with the help of the Greater Baltimore Canoe Club Some of the volunteers for the tire clean up. Some of the many tires found in the park. River chariot In the end we retrieved 46 of the 70 known tires in the 2 miles of river. Later, close to a thousand tires were found on a very small tributary. MD dept of the Environment contacted the land owner and most were removed from the illegal dump. In this case the land owner inherited the problem when they purchased the land.
25 Mile Stone Bridge at York Rd 25 Mile Stone Bridge at York Rd Homestead foundation Lintel from homestead foundation, chestnut? View Slide Show
May 22, 2010 saw another and maybe final cleanup of the upper section of the Gunpowder River and the surrounding riparian buffer. 2010 Tire Success 2010 Tire Success 2010 Tire Run Slide Show Six fun loving canoers were compelled to action and spent a beautiful day on the Upper Gunpowder River between Falls Rd at Beckley's Bridge to Big Falls Rd. It wasn't long before the first item, a traffic barrel was plucked from the river.   Earlier in the week, a survey found eight tires between York Rd. and Big Falls Rd.   As the name suggest, the main goal was to remove tires but anything that could be loaded into the boats was removed.   One tire hunter decided that tires were not enough, he wanted a whole car.   Well, I told him that if he wanted a Ford Pinto his wish was about to come true.   But no, he wanted something bigger, well how about a Chevy station wagon circa 1956, not good enough.   Well then how about a true and rare classic, a 1938 Studebaker Dictator Coupe?   Still not what he wanted.   That only leaves what might be the few remaing pieces of an old VW Bug.   Some people you just can't satisfy.   He finally settled for the tire and rim from a tractor trailer.   The group was delighted to find out that when all was said and done seven more tires than were known had been pulled from the river.   Fifteen (15) tires today, Twenty nine (29) last year, seven (7) the second year and fortysix (46) the first, Wow, who knew?   Also removed were a child's electric buggy, one traffic cone, boards with nails, one garbage can and many other lost and disposed of items.   The stream had fewer strainers than last year in spite of the low, almost too low, water level.   This was the forth clean up I have organized as a Greater Baltimore Canoe Club member.   My thanks go out to Kara, Chip, Lee, Jim and David and the Shuttle Mamma.
May 16, 2009 saw another great cleanup of the Gunpowder River and the surrounding riparian buffer. 2009 Tire Success 2009 Tire Success 2009 Tire Run Slide Show Nine adventurous canoers and kayakers enthusiastically attacked the leavings of less informed visitors and neighbors.   The crew scoured the hillsides and deepest depths of the river to remove their quarry.   The main goal was to remove tires but anything that could be loaded into the boats was removed.   The crew was estatic when they realized that there were now twenty nine (29) fewer tires, several inner tubes, numerous crocs and flipflops, two garbage cans (now filled) plus too many other items to mention.   The stream had more strainers than I can recall in thirtyfour (34) years of paddling this section.   Each one a little harder to get over as the boats filled up with more tires.   This was the third clean up I organized as a Greater Baltimore Canoe Club member.   My thanks go out to Katie, Kara, Laura, Ellen, Jack Jeff, Jason, Matt and Don(3rd time).
Dumps and abandoned material are found in many parts of the park.   This is a selection and the effort to clean up one of these.    This one is the Bunkerhill Dump.    Unfortunately some one felt that if no one sees it, it is OK to dump. Well, it has been found and someday it will be cleand up, hopefully.    The sad part is that the dump lies in the original trail that went from Baltimore, MD to York, PA. It was known as the York Turnpike and was a toll road. Bunkerhill Dump Slide Show March 2011 Update, Maryland Department of the Environment has visited the site and refered this dump to the appropriate county officials.

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The following PowerPoints are a snapshot of woody debris in the Gunpowder River from Big Falls Road to Grave Run Road. It highlights the amount of wood in the section below Prettyboy and the lack of hazardous strainers above the reservior. It also has an example of how quickly strainers are made safer by strong storm flows that the river below the reservoir only occasionally experiences.
York Rd to Big Falls Rd woody debris PowerPoint York Rd to Bunker Hill Rd woody debris PowerPoint Bunker Hill Rd to Falls Rd woody debris PowerPoint Falls Rd to Prettyboy Dam woody debris PowerPoint Gunpowder Rd to Gave Run Rd woody debris PowerPoint
Gunpowder Stakeholder meeting presentation to put forth the needs of those people that find many ways to float on the Gunpowder River. Some examples are tubers, canoers, kayakers, rafters, etc. GBCC Gunpowder River woody debris PowerPoint Gunpowder Strainer Listing as of March 17, 2011 As always remember that river conditions and the presence of hazardous wood, aka Strainers, will change. This listing is only a snapshot which contains some obvious future woody debris that may pose a hazard. A brief, recent history of the work done on the Gunpowder River by the Greater Baltimore Canoe Club

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