Cave Exploration

Learn how to explore a wild cave Safely as recommend by the National Speleogical Society!
Learn the basics for caving safely in an exciting and physically demanding experience.    The experience is tailored to the desire and need of the participants.    This is a comprehensive introduction into caving providing the necessary training to navigate horizontal caves.    This will include cave ecology, geology and conservation.    Participants can enjoy getting covered in mud, thoroughly soaked, physically and mentally challenged.    The adventure may additionally include vertical caving techniques, and rescue techniques.    Minimum age 11. Course fee $150.00 per participant.    Special reduced group rates for non-profit youth organizations are available.    No Refunds unless class is cancelled by Hi Ventures. Class size minimum is 3 with a maximum of 10 participants.

Youth Group Adventures

The Youth Group Adventure training programs are popular with Boy Scout Troops, Venture Crews, Girl Scout Cadettes, Seniors and Ambasadors, Church youth groups and other youth groups.    Special one or two day programs consisting of Climbing or Caving are available.    The instruction will include an introduction to the basics of the choosen adventure.    The use of Safety Equipment, technique, ethics and more are covered.    This is for the group wanting a positive experience and correct start into these exciting adventures.    All equipment provided.    For ages 11 and up.    A special reduced group rate of $50.00 per participant for non-profit youth organizations is available.    The ideal class size is 12 participants.    No Refunds unless class is cancelled by Hi Ventures.

Advanced Techniques

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White Nose Syndrone (WNS) pronounced wins

A problem for everyone, not just cavers.

NSS WNS page
West Virginia Cave Coalition reopens 5 caves that were previously closed. March 22, 2010
Decontaminate after each and every cave trip, updated procedures June 2012.
Maryland and WNS
Hot water may not kill WNS.    Water must be over 120 degrees F (49C) to kill the spore of geomyces destructans!

BlueWater when asked had this advice.    "As long as you stay away from acids and bleaches, synthetic ropes will not be harmed.    Alcohol, heat to 350 degree F, petroleum products etc. have no affect.    Any type of an oxidizing agent will harm a rope.    Fungicides should present no problem." Fungicides must not contain bleach, acids or alkalis.

PMI has a webinar at . From the home page under Tech Talk select "here" and then the March 2nd, 2010 webinar. At the end of the webinar there is a Q&A session with a couple of WNS DeCon questions. To summarize, Light use of Formula 409 bacterial formula may be used. Bleach is not eliminated but it should not be used extensively, that is do not soak in bleach. Mayby use a damp towel to wipe the exterior of the rope.

New England Ropes: No reply has been received to date and I could not find information on their website that addresses WNS.

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