Annapolis Rocks

Appalachian Trail

South Mountain Park

Annapolis Rocks is small quartzite outcrop that faces west. Climbs range from 5.0 to 5.10. Some can be quite bald and smooth, challenging shorter climbers while others routes are great intoductory climbs. For the really adventuresome, there are two overhanging roofs. These roofed areas can provide dry climbing after a rain. Directions: Annapolis Rocks is loacated a short distance west of the AT and 2 miles north of the I-70 foot bridge over I-70. Access is from route 40. The easiest way there is to take I-70 to MD-17 (Meyersville exit) and head north. Be sure to catch the well marked right turn in town to continue on MD-17 to route 40. Turn left at route 40 and park at the hiker parking lot. There are two access points to the trail here. one to the north just past the top of the hill, the other across from the west end of the parking lot. What ensues next is not the climb but an enjoyable march up a steep hill. The first white blazed left side trail is to the shelter and a spring. Water is OK to use from the springs. The second side trail to the left which has blue blazes and which usually has a sign is for Annapolis Rocks. There is a limited amount of camping here and a small spring to the south of the climbing area.

See "Climb Maryland!" by Mark "Indy" Kochte, (ISBN 0-9663431-3-1).
Climb Maryland!

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